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Date:      Mon, 21 Apr 2008 22:32:52 +0200
From:      Ivan Voras <>
Subject:   Re: When's FreeBSD going to catch up in the world of virtualization.
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Peter Brezny wrote:
> I'm a die hard FreeBSD user.
> For the past 10 years (since version 2.8 was released) it's been in
> production on all of my servers.
> Now however, I'm forced to use linux as the host OS for Vmware as there=

> currently seems to be no current support for FreeBSD as the Host OS for=

> popular VM applications.
> Is there hope for FreeBSD as a popularly supported virtual machine host=
, or
> am I stuck in the multiple disappointments of linsux land.

I'd say the feature(s) will come when the money comes, so, as long as=20
there's no great commercial interest in FreeBSD, nothing much will be=20

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