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Date:      Mon, 5 Jan 2009 22:31:18 -0900
From:      Mel <>
Subject:   Re: pathsetting for OpenSSL-0.9.8i
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On Monday 05 January 2009 02:00:57 wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm new in FreeBSD. I just installed FreeBSD 7.0 RELEASE and installed
> also Apache22, PHP5, MySQLserver and OpenSSL-0.9.8i, the latest version of
> Openssl. I know that the base opensslversion is 0.9.8e during the install
> of a freshinstall of FreeBSD.
> For so far everything went fine during the installation of Apache22, PHP5,
> MySQLserver 5.x.x and OpenSSL 0.9.8i.
> in the file rc.conf i wrote the line
> ---------
> named_enable="YES"
> linux_enable="YES"
> sshd_enable="YES"
> mysql_enable="YES"
> apache22_enable="YES"
> apache22_http_accept_enable="YES"
> make.conf
> --------
> PERL_VER=5.8.8
> All the installed applicaties are working fine , just OpenSSL is not
> working like the newest version 0.9.8i. I still see that that the base
> openssl is the default after the giffen command

This isn't a port issue. It's a path issue. If php reports 0.9.8i, then 
openssl is correctly linked and as far as php is concerned, it will use 
0.9.8i. In your PATH variable however, /usr/bin comes before /usr/local/bin. 
There's a few ways to fix this, rated from bad to best:
1) swap /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin in $PATH environment variable
2) Rebuild world without openssl (echo WITHOUT_OPENSSL=yes >>/etc/src.conf)
   and be sure to run make delete-old
3) make an alias: alias openssl=/usr/local/bin/openssl

Even though 2) seems the best choice at first glance, all apps and libraries 
that use OPENSSL in the base system will have to be built from ports as well, 
most notably sshd.

I don't see an easy way to build the base system with the port's libssl, but I 
could be missing something.

Problem with today's modular software: they start with the modules
    and never get to the software part.

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