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Date:      Sat, 27 Apr 2013 11:23:02 -0400
From:      Robert Huff <>
To:        Matthew Seaman <>
Subject:   Re: Why is "pkg_glob" no longer working for me?
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Matthew Seaman writes:

>  > 	I use portupgrade for two features: portsclean (for which there
>  > is probably a pkgng replacement, I just haven't bothered to check)
>  > and pkg_sort (for which there is no alternative) which is necessary
>  > for certain scripts.
>  Well, given that pkgng is a binary package management system, it
>  achieves the required aim of keeping the ports tree nice and clean by
>  the simple expedient of not downloading distfiles or using the ports to
>  compile them.  No mess created means none to be cleared up.

	Except it's not exclusively for binary packages.  :-)
	Portsclean's 'L' option also cleans out un-needed
libraries. Which shouldn't be necessary ... but too often is.

				Robert Huff

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