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Date:      Wed, 2 Oct 1996 12:22:41 -0500 (CDT)
From:      Matt Rosenberg <>
Subject:   2.2 -- COMPAQ / PCI
Message-ID:  <>

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More problems with COMPAQ and the PCI bus.  I tried installing the latest
version (2.2-960801SNAP) to try and solve the problem, but on the probe of
the PCI bus on my COMPAQ ProLiant 5000 it fails to find any of the PCI
devices other than the chipset and also shows the wrong amount of memory.
  COMPAQ ProLiant 5000
  Adaptec 2940UW
  3Com PCI EtherLink 10/100 card

from the boot disk kernel for 2.2:
 avail memory = 13496320 (13180K)
 eisa0: <CPQ1561 (System Board)>
 Probing for devices on the EISA bus
 Probing for devices on PCI bus 0:
 chip0 <Intel 82375EB PCI-EISA bridge> rev 21 on pci0:15:0
 pci0:20 Intel Corporation, device = 0x84c5, class = memory (ram) [no
  driver assigned]
 chip1 <generic PCI bridge (vendor = 8086 device = 84c4 subclass = 0)> 
  rev 4 on pci0:25
 chip2 <generic PCI bridge (vendor = 8086 device = 84c4 subclass = 0)>
  rev 4 on pci0:26

and then it goes on to the ISA devices.  My current FreeBSD system is in
desparate need of upgrade, and I don't want to have to migrate to another
flavor of UNIX.  Hints?  Suggestions?

Matt Rosenberg
Washington University School of Law

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