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Date:      Tue, 01 Jul 1997 16:07:24 -0700
From:      Don Wilde <>
To:        Chaizhi Zhu <>
Subject:   Re: freebsd or linux?
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FreeBSD is more purely a Berkeley-style UNIX, and Linux is more
mix-and-match. Thus, any book describing BSD UNIX is directly applicable
to FreeBSD. FreeBSD also has a more controlled upgrade path, and more
effort is spent (thank you, guys!) on closing security holes that affect
commercial users like myself who actually stake our businesses on it.
Another plus of FreeBSD is that it (in 2.2.x and up), is also very good
at emulating Linux and BSDi, soi you can compile and run a wide variety
of different programs.
	On the Linux plus-side is the tremendous popular charismatic following
that it has. People always root for the single guy in the garage to beat
out all comers. There are more books written specifically for Linux
users than there are for FreeBSD (and probably ALL Other *NIX's
combined!). There are also several commercially-supported distributions
of Linux out there (Caldera and Red Hat, to name 2).
	I am totally satisfied with the robustness and the support that I have
gotten from FreeBSD and the FreeBSD community. I have examined Linux as
well, and although I think it functions almost as well, almost just
doesn't cut it when you have to depend on it.
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