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Date:      06 Dec 95 15:52:34 EST
From:      Dave Franco <>
To:        FreeBSD <>
Subject:   Please Assist
Message-ID:  <951206205233_100075.2767_EHK99-4@CompuServe.COM>

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I am hoping that you can suggest a solution or point me in the right direction.
I have just acquired a copy  FreeBSD 2.0 on the Walnut Creek CDRom.  I am trying
to perform an install and not getting anywhere.  I created the boot diskettes
using rawwrite and tested it on an IDE hard disk anc controller which I had, not
realising that FreeBSD cannot access the cdrom in a sound card for data
I have now installed an Adaptec AHA-1542 and Segate Barracuda 2Gb.  The 
rest of the system is a Pentium 90Mhz with 16Mb ram, 512Kb VGA, and a matshita
scsi cdrom.   It had an IDE controller to give me two serial ports but I have
removed it temporarily thinking that it may be responsible for some of my

WHAT happens ?
The system starts up, reads the diskette and intialises a whole bunch of things.
It then starts to talk to ahc... then ahb.. and then aha... and gives a message
"waiting for SCSI devices to settle".  After about 1 minute it returns with the
that the controller is frozen.  

I have test the same hardware and am able to boot under dos and read the scsi
disk and make a partition on the hdd.  I have browsed the CD for some time
looking for any literature that may tell me how to resolve this or at least what
to look for.

I would appreciate any assistance that can be given

Regards and Thanks
Dave Franco
from  Harare

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