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Date:      Wed, 2 Oct 96 20:05:56 +0100
From:      Jean-Marc Zucconi <>
Subject:   Re: xmodmap question
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>>>>> Brian N Handy writes:

 > Heya folks,
 > I probably should post this to the xfree list, but it's probably a dumb
 > question and I'd like to get an answer, so I'm asking here... 

 > Emacs has an edt mode which allows the user to use the keypad in the old
 > standard "keypad-editing" mode ala' VT100.  One thing that would be really
 > nice for this would be to be able to trade the position of the num lock
 > and F12 keys.

 > I've tried this using xmodmap.  I've boiled my swap down to:

 > 	keycode 77 = F12
 > 	keycode 96 = Num_Lock

 > ...and sure enough, if I pump on the F12 key, the num lock light goes on
 > and off.  Similarly if I push the num lock key I appear to get something
 > that appears F12-ish.  

 > However num lock no longer works!  Once I apply this, it doesn't matter if
 > the num lock key is on or off -- my keypad acts like arrow keys and not a
 > number pad.  I find this strange.

The keypad is not in numeric mode when X starts :-(. You need to hit
the NumLock key once to change to numeric mode before using xmodmap. I
use 'xmodmap -e "keycode 77 =  KP_F1"'. You then can put '(tpu-edt)'
in your .emacs file :-)

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