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Date:         Tue, 08 Oct 96 13:41 EDT
From:      "Mike Lewis, Lockheed Martin"             <MAQ@EPAIBM.RTPNC.EPA.GOV>
To:        FreeBSD Technical Support          <questions@FREEBSD.ORG>
Subject:   FreeBSD installation Question
Message-ID:  <"96-10-08-13:41:20.32*MAQ"@NCCIBM1.BITNET>

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I am attempting to install FreeBSD 2.2 960501-SNAP on an Intel-clone
80486 DX2-66.

I have three physical Drives, which for various reasons have five DOS
partitions on them.  The slave physical Drive on the primary EIDE
controller has enough unallocated space for a 650M Free-BSD partition.

I am performing the installation from the primary DOS partition on the
master physical Drive on the primary EIDE controller.  This appears to
work fine, but I do not have FreeBSD on floppy or CD.

I am installing FreeBSD onto the second physical drive, so I use the
"C" option during the "create-partition" phaze.  Everything appears
to function correctly.  I request that the installation procedure
install your FreeBSD boot manager.

When installation is complete, and the reboot occurs, the boot manager
fires up as I would expect.  Option "F1" is listed to boot DOS which
does in fact work properly.  However, *no* option appears to boot
FreeBSD from the non-DOS partition on the second physical drive.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,

Mike Lewis

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