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Date:      Thu, 16 Oct 2014 11:03:01 +0100
From:      Mike Clarke <>
Subject:   Re: Noob question ....
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On Wednesday 15 Oct 2014 18:50:59 William A. Mahaffey III wrote:

> Also, how do I get freebsd-update to track changes ? The man page
> (dated  July 14 2010) was a bit sparse .... I would like to know if
> newer stuff is available, & I couldn't see how to perhaps inquire
> about that w/ freebsd-update .... Thx & TIA ....

The only changes to RELEASE will be to fix security issues or major 

If you subscribe to the FreeBSD Security mailing list 
<>; you'll hear about security fixes as soon as they're 
available. Then you just need to run "freebsd-update fetch install" to 
fix your system.

If you want to be informed about (rare) errata notices for bug fixes 
you could subscribe to the FreeBSD Announce list. This has security 
and errata notices plus additional general announcements. But you only 
need worry about the bug fixes if the bug is already causing problems 
for you.

All this, of course, only applies to the base system. To keep up to 
date with vulnerabilities in ports you rely on the pkg audit output 
from the periodic security script. As with the base system there's no 
need up upgrade your packages unless you need to to fix a security 
vulnerability or you need some new feature.

Mike Clarke

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