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Date:      Thu, 20 Jul 95 19:46:30 +0100
Subject:   Re: timeouts on 'netstat' for address->name lookups?
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While 75sec may well be too long for netstat, 2sec timeout is too short
IMHO - your argument about nameservers assumes that you are runing a
nameserver locally.  If your nameserver is, for example, at the other end
of a dialup PPP link, the two second timeout would very frequently fail to
get the answer even when things were working normally [OK, I know I ought
to set up a caching-only nameserver on my machine at home, but I've never
got around to it...].

For me, somthing in the range 5-10 sec would be OK, though this feels like
the sort of issue where you can't find a value to please everybody.  And as
someone else said, there's always netstat -n....


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