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Date:      Tue, 13 Jan 2009 21:32:53 +0000
From:      brad davison <>
To:        <>
Subject:   updated to 7.1 via cvs source, PAE kernel.  server unstable
Message-ID:  <BLU116-W189262E94962C574BCB487A1D90@phx.gbl>

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Hi all=2C
Hopefully someone can shed some light on my problem.  Over the weekend=2C w=
e upgraded our mailserver that was running like a champ w/ FBSD 7.0 and a P=
AE kernel (8gb RAM).
I didn't use the freebsd-update program=2C because I read that if you're no=
t using a GENERIC kernel=2C it wont work.
I had changed the standard-supfile like that had RELENG_7_0 to RELENG_7_1 a=
nd ran cvsup.
I followed the handbook for cleaning out the /usr/src/obj directory=2C rebu=
ilt the world and kernel via:
# cd /usr/src# make buildworld# make buildkernel KERNCONF=3DPAE# make insta=
then I rebooted into single user mode and performed the:
# mount -a -t ufs# mergemaster -p# cd /usr/src# make installworld# mergemas=
When I did the mergemaster=2C I kept my master.password=2C hosts=2C passwd=
=2C rc.conf=2C and make.conf.  But for the most part=2C I 'i' installed the=
 new files.
Since then=2C we have had severe server instability after a few hours.  The=
 server completely locks up requiring a hard boot=2C then the fsck_ufs runs=
 for a while.  This is our production mail server=2C and we've been down of=
f and on for 2 days.
I'm in the process of building a replacement and getting back online with 7=
.0 and a GENERIC kernel=2C but what on Earth could have gone on?  Did I do =
something wrong with using a PAE kernel on 7.1?
I'm in single-user mode again running 'fsck -y' and there are TONS of error=
s on the /usr volume.
The /var/log/messages just shows that the server was restarted=2C and I'm j=
ust wondering where to start.

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