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Date:      Tue, 17 Nov 2009 19:04:14 +0100
From:      Maciej Milewski <>
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Subject:   Re: hdd voltage
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Dnia wtorek 17 listopad 2009 o 18:43:04 D=E1nielisz L=E1szl=F3 napisa=B3(a):
> Hello,
> My computer get starts to reboot all the time I do a higher hdd use (like:
>  fsck, copying more GB of data). I was sure that my power supply its not
>  enough so I changed it (300W->450W), now it does the same. I'm looking f=
>  a tool to measure the exactly power consumiton (voltage and amper) of my
>  hdd, cpu and ram on FreeBSD. Do you have any idea?
> Thank you!
> L=E1szl=F3
I don't know if any tool will let you get how much power your drives are us=
but for monitoring voltage you should find something in ports. It can tell=
only if the voltage you get from PSU is rather OK or not.

=46or measuring exactly you should first see work done by guys from xbitlab=
They are writing how they measure that but not in very simple way ;)

Are you sure that those reboots aren't because of too high temperature on C=
or MB?

Best Regards,
Maciej Milewski

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