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Date:      Thu, 21 May 2015 19:11:39 +0530
From:      Avinash Sonawane <>
To:        Michael Schuster <>
Cc:        Polytropon <>, FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: Brightness control in FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE
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On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 6:46 PM, Michael Schuster
<> wrote:
> I find that window managers (I use enlightenment) often have options to set
> these key bindings ... maybe yours is interfering. Have you checked
> something like that?

Yes I have. And No there's nothing binded to Fn+F(4) and Fn+F(5) key
combinations. And I don't think this is xfce related issue as I have
sual boot setup with another OS being Debian with xfce in which
brightness control works just fine.

So I'm afraid but to infer that this is FreeBSD specific issue.

>> Yes. Somehow _this_ key combination (code 134) is assigned to
>> the keypad decimal point (numeric keypad decimal separator,
>> usually code 93), which is wrong - but matches your observation
>> that dots will appear in input fields. I have no idea where
>> this code is introduced. Maybe some crazy auto-detect "magic"
>> usually found in big desktop environments?

I think this is FreeBSD specific issue as my another setup Debian+XFCE
is doing just fine with brightness control.

Avinash Sonawane (RootKea)
PICT, Pune

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