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Date:      Tue, 1 Jul 1997 20:38:46 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Tim Vanderhoek <>
Subject:   Bad Keyboard problem
Message-ID:  <>

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I just upgraded from a prerelease snap of 2.2 to 2.2.2-RELEASE.
Since then, I've noticed a rather bad problem,

Occasionally, FreeBSD will begin acting as if my Control key is
constantly pressed.  That is, a `j' will generate an '^J'.  This
would occasionally happen before the upgrade but I was always
able to fix the problem by pressing all of my Ctrl, Alt, and
Shift keys.  This no longer works.  Further, with the upgrade,
the frequency has increased to the point where my system is only
marginally useable.

Timing is important, but I can cause it to happen repeatedly.
Logging in on vty0, quickly typing '*X*' and then switching to
vty4 will usually do it.  Before upgrading, I don't believe this
would have consistently caused the problem (although I did have a
repeatable way of generating it then, too).

The only thing nonstandard on my keymap is the right control key
being mapped to 'cr'.  This is the same keymap I had before I

I have P100, with an Award PCI/ISA Bios, 2A59CG0A.  In the case
they mean anything, "dram precharge wait state" = 0, and "dram
wait state" = 1.

As already mentioned, freshly-installed FreeBSD-2.2.2.  The
kernel is GENERIC, but I've disabled everything I don't use.

Nothing interesting showed up with a verbose boot.

I sort'a need to see this solved...

[I was tempted to send this to -hackers instead, but I hope this
is a more common problem]

[Wow!  In less than one week, I've managed to total my car, not
back-up my hd and then erase most of it upgrading, then upgrade
to a marginally useable FreeBSD version, and I might lose my
license, yet...  I'm doing purdy good, eh?! :)  Good thing one
doesn't require hacking licenses (yet) or I'd probably lose that 
for not backing-up... :]


[Last minute piece of advice: NEVER follow a black sports car :-]

Outnumbered?  Maybe.  Outspoken?  Never!

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