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Date:      Tue, 16 Sep 2014 20:11:56 -0500
From:      Brandon Schneider <>
Subject:   Re: How to have jails checked for out of date applications.
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Correct, I hit the wrong button, sorry about that :) Thanks for the 
links, I have one more question. I have been trying to have "pkg 
updating" sent along with my email so I can properly update things when 
it comes time, but I'm having difficulty with grep.  If I do a "pkg 
updating | grep 2014" , I only get the date and a link.  If I do a "grep 
-A 20 2014" it obviously includes 20 lines, but that may or may not work 
for every update entry. I'm not very experienced with grep, so how would 
I have it match only 2014 entries, or even just have pkg only show 
recent entries and skip the older ones entirely. It seems 
counter-intuitive to include every update entry a pkg may have ever had.

On 9/16/2014 7:37 PM, Andrew Berg wrote:
> On 2014.09.16 19:19, Brandon Schneider wrote:
>> That's actually a really great idea, I think when I have some time I
>> will explore that. Any links to quickly get me up and running with
>> documentation? Is the HandBook enough?
> The handbook won't cover it in detail since it's not part of base, but there is
> a nice tutorial here:
> It also comes with good man pages, of course.
> Learning about periodic(8) (from both the man pages and reading through
> /etc/defaults/periodic.conf) would also be a good idea. There is a weekly task
> that checks for out-of-date packages.
> I CC'd the list since I assume you meant to reply to it and not just me directly.
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