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Date:      Tue, 17 Jan 2012 21:32:49 +0100
From:      Roland Smith <>
To:        "C. P. Ghost" <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Mailing List <>
Subject:   Re: Which Common Lisp port for FreeBSD/sparc64?
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On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 01:07:23AM +0100, C. P. Ghost wrote:
> Hi,
> is anyone running a Common Lisp port on FreeBSD/sparc64?
> I'm asking because none of our Common Lisp ports lang/clisp,
> lang/ccl, lang/cmucl, lang/sbcl compile on sparc64.

The first thing to check is to comment out the ONLY_FOR_ARCH stuff in the p=
Makefile and see where the build fails. Sometimes a newer version starts
working on a previously excluded architecture, and it takes a while for that
to get noticed.

If the build of your favorite lisp still fails, you'll have to dive into the
source to see what's wrong. It might be something relatively easy to fix. S=
familiarity with C is probably required, though. :-)

> On Debian Linux 6.0.1a for SPARC, at least sbcl is available.
> Maybe clisp as well, IIRC.

In that case, check the patches that Debian uses on SPARC, and see if you c=
fix the FreeBSD port with those.

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