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Date:      Wed, 27 Dec 2006 11:17:28 +0000
From:      Mario Lobo <>
Subject:   Re: Flash in freebsd
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Read these instructions from Arjan van Leeuwen.

It works perfectly !!

Hi Henry, others,

As of the latest weekly development release of Opera (see =A0, it's now possible to use any Linux =
plugin in the native Opera for FreeBSD version, including Flash and =A0
Acrobat Reader. The feature will be included in the upcoming Opera 9.1.

=46or now, it'll require some actions to get it to work, but if you'd like =
to experiment with this, this might help:
0) Make sure you have the x11/linux-xorg-libs port installed.

1) Download and extract the latest weekly release for both FreeBSD and =A0
(FreeBSD package is for FreeBSD 6.x and requires Qt installed)

2) Copy operapluginwrapper from the Linux package over to the FreeBSD =A0
$ cd opera-9.10-20061205.4-shared-qt.i386.freebsd-en-507
cp =A0../opera-9.10-20061205.1-static-qt.i386-en-507/plugins/operapluginwra=
pper =A0

Now, if you want to run the Opera weekly directly from the package without =
installing (will use a fresh, empty profile, recommended):

3) Copy within the FreeBSD package to a new location:
$ cp plugins/ bin/

4) Run Opera
$ ./opera

If instead you want to install Opera for all users (will overwrite =A0
existing installations and use your default profile, not recommended with =
development releases like this):

3) Run install
$ ./

4) Copy manually to the Opera binary directory
$ cp plugins/ /usr/local/share/opera/bin/

5) Run Opera
$ /usr/local/bin/opera

The actions described here do not affect Java; you'll still be able to run =
Java applets with the native version of Java (such as diablo-jdk or =A0

We appreciate any reports on whether this feature works as expected (or =A0
doesn't at all).

On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 15:31:30 +0100, Henry Lenzi <> =A0

> =A0Thanks for you support. I have posted on the forum, on ocasion.
> =A0The main issues, for me, are
> =A01) Java (idiablo-jdk - it doesn't work, even though the path is right);

I'm using it here - the path to use is =A0
/usr/local/diablo-jdk1.5.0/jre/lib/i386/. You can post on the forum if you =
have more problems with this. It could be that you're using a package =A0
that's compiled for a different version of FreeBSD; use the .4 package if =
you're on FreeBSD 6.

> =A02) =A0the Flash plugin. Is there a way to use the Linux emulation layer
> in order to get the plug-in working?

See above :)

> =A03) Cyrillic fonts look small, and you can't make them bigger.

I don't know about that, but you could file a bug at =A0

Best regards,

Arjan van Leeuwen

   //| //|          Mario Lobo
  // |// |
 //  //  |||||||   FreeBSD since 2.2.8 - 100% Rwindows-free

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