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Date:      Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:12:16 -0400
From:      "C. Jason Bruner" <>
To:        <>
Subject:    WAN via PPP with -alias
Message-ID:  <000001bee4cc$aeef4410$>

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Greetings all,

I'm a FreeBSD newbie, and I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone
can give me with a problem I'm having.

I've created a dial-up WAN connection between our satellite office and our
home office with two FreeBSD machines: 1 acting as a PPP client at the
satellite office, and another acting as a PPP server in our home office.
Because we have two different subnets, and access to the Internet here, we
set the PPP client up via a "PPP -auto -alias demand" type connection so the
satellite office could have Internet access, and it works great at the
satellite office.  Each computer using the PPP client as a gateway can see
the rest of our network, and consequently the Internet.  No problems at all

However, I'd hoped to be able to use the same connection to give our home
office access to our satellite office by using the PPP server here as a
gateway.  No luck there.  From even the PPP server (and any machine using
the PPP server as a gateway), I can see the PPP client machine, but none of
the other machines on the network.  Traceroutes show everything as timeouts
past the PPP client.  I've tried running routed on the PPP client/gateway
machine, but no luck.  I imagine that everything is getting loused up by the
fact that I'm using the -alias option, but I'm not sure.

I've got GATEWAY_ENABLED="YES" in the rc.conf, and tried using "enable
proxy" in the ppp.conf, but doesn't seem to help.

If anyone has any ideas about what I'm missing, I'd appreciate any
assistance at all.

Thanks in advance,


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