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Date:      Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:30:06 -0500
From:      Dan Nelson <>
To:        Bob <>
Subject:   Re: Tared by TAR
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In the last episode (Sep 26), Bob said:
> Please forgive me if this is all due to my newbie status. I HAVE
> RTFM!, and that is essentially my problem.
> I use tar daily, to make a file-backup of /usr/home. I put a tape in
> the dat (DDS3) drive before I go to bed, and in the morning put it
> into the 30 day rotation box.
> I have recently moved from Linux, to FreeBSD. And pretty much copied
> my scripts from the old Linux box to the new BSD one. A veritable joy
> I might add! AThis is so much better!!!
> I went nuts, and got tar'ed and feathered with TAR. I have always
> used tar with the -M option (--multi-volume) which allows you to span
> more than one tape on a big ta archiver; but you won't find this -M
> option in BSD's TAR!  Nor will you find a proper man page, for BSD's
> port of gtar (gnutar) which I THIINK is equivalent to Linux's tar.
> What I ended up doing is a BADF HACK! I copyiny my old linux tar.1.gz
> manpage to gtar on my new system.
> HOWEVER, this man page from my old Linux system may, or may not  not
> be correct, given the fact that BSD giggers the makefile with it's
> own patches for every "make install", and when you make gtar from
> "/usr/ports/archivers/gtar" you do NOT get a manpage! BAD! BAD! BAD! 
> Bug???  The differences between bsdtar, and gnutar are quite IMMENSE!

Hey, don't blame us!  If you look at the extracted tar-1.15.1
directory, you'll note that they don't even /provide/ a manpage, so
there's not much we can do here.  :(  You'll have to use the info docs,
or do as you did and copy an older gnutar manpage from another system.

	Dan Nelson

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