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Date:      Tue, 30 Aug 2005 00:59:43 +0300
From:      "ANdrei" <>
To:        <>
Cc:        Dan Ponte <>
Subject:   Re: building an older server
Message-ID:  <001e01c5ace5$f62c16e0$b47ba8c0@maximus>
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> I personally use 802.11b for the server (Linksys WMP11's an old
> card, but wi(4) works with it).

I have no money to put into this server, the hardware mentioned is already 
in my workroom, lying around, but I can't afford to buy more. So I can use 
any hardware from like 15 motherboards, lots of NICs and so on (all old :), 
but this is just what I thought to be the most appropiate for building a 
server, mainly because I considered 2 processors of 400MHz to be better then 
1 of 800MHz, and because I considered that this motherboard is probably 
designed more carefully and for enduring more, being a board designed for 
servers, even if an old model...
The  wifi cards I have are both 802.11g, I would use 802.11b if I had one, 
but I don't :) And besides I thought that once u have a 802.11b in your 
802.11g-only network, the data throughput will be a bit slowed down on all 
clients (not down to 11MBps, but not as good as without the 802.11b client 
in ur network) - can anyone confirm this (we had a review on this in our 
CHIP Magazine, a few months ago).

> I can't comment here, as I only use WEP, and have only used 6 on a
> workstation.

well, any impressions appreciated: what did the 6 "feel" like? rock-stable 
or whacky? :)
another big question: is WEP really that bad? I mean, how fast can you crack 
it? Is it just paranoia, or can any kid in my neighbourhood get into my 
network? I don't expect to have THE HACKER roaming around where my server 
is, but there are occasional kids and neighbours who might try their 2 words 
computer-science they know on my network...
so should I relax and go for 5.4 with WEP and not be stressed to get the 6.x 
with PSK?

> You might want to check HARDWARE.txt if it's supported. An apropos(1)
> here for "HighPoint" only yields results for hptmv(4), which supports
> the RocketRAID 128x. You will most likely want to recompile it into your
> kernel if such support exists; you should do so anyway, to reduce the
> bloat and get rid of unnecessary drivers in your kernel. By the way, my
> machine uses an Abit BH6 (single CPU, pIII/500).

I'll check for support. I don't have access to a FreeBSD box at this moment, 
so I'm planning all theoretically. Once I'm close the FreeBSD box again I'll 
check, but that will also be the moment I have to quickly decide what to use 
:) and I try not to wait until then to get an idea of everything ;)
I will recompile the kernel anyway, but the question is if I can install on 
disks on that controller from the beginning, or do I have to do it first on 
a normal controller and only after recompiling will I see my disks on the 
btw, this is same genration of motherboard: any stability issues? they are 
supposed to be rock solid, right?...

> Use the SMP kernel (or put options SMP into yours) and it should work.
> Most options in GENERIC should suit you fine re: processor options.

I'll check with the handbook on this one :)

> If it works, why not? You may be able to use gvinum or whatever we're
> using these days for software RAID; check the handbook for more info.

tks, this was the hint I was in need for, as I had no idea what to use ofr 
software RAID. I'll check that in the handbook, too.

tks for your kind reply,
The problem with our world is stupidity.  I'm not saying there should
be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the
safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself? 

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