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Date:      Wed,  2 Oct 96 18:30:43 -0400
From:      John Soward <>
Subject:   Recover disklabel 
Message-ID:  <>

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I've got a 1G seagate IDE which used to have FreeBSD on it (2.1.5). In fact I  
hope it still does, but I just seem to have misplaced it...after fighting with  
F? for a while I loaded a fixit floppy, and tried fdisk and disklabel, fdisk  
looked okay, but disklabel complained about bad magic and was unable to read  
the label.

Since then I've tried to "re-create" a label by paritioning the drive and  
labeling it, but asking sysinstall not to make the filesystems...I was pretty  
sure I just took the defaults (A), but I actually installed with 2.2SNAP (may),  
and retro-fitted back to 2.1.5R by supping stable and doing a make  
perhaps things have gotten changed concerning the default partition...I bet if  
I could just find the first one...

Anyone have any ideas -- of course there's some data on there that I "was just  
about to back up"....

John Soward		<a href="">JpS</a>;
Systems Programmer 	'The Midnight sun will burn you up.'
University of Kentucky    (NeXT and MIME mail OK)         -R. Smith

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