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Date:      Tue, 07 Jul 2009 21:48:48 -0400
From:      Michael Powell <>
Subject:   Re: Portupgrade not handling dependencies
Message-ID:  <h30tqd$qac$>
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Prokofyev Vladislav wrote:

>> As seen above, libtheora built and installed just fine, but ffmpeg was
>> skipped for some reason.  I ran portupgrade -a again and all worked
>> fine.  This ways also occuring when I ran portupgrade -arR.
>> Ports tree is updated with cvsup each night.  I don't believe I've
>> overridden anything, most especially not in the past 2 weeks when this
>> all started happening.  The above is just one example of it happening.
>> It happens almost everyday there is more than one port to upgrade(and
>> different ports each time of course).
>> Thanks again,
>> Eric
> Try to run portsdb -F everytime after cvsup is done. I might be wrong, but
> it
> works for me without any problems.

What I do is this:

csup -L 2 && portsdb -uF && pkgdb -u && portversion

And take a peek to see what needs upgrading. Then I just do portupgrade -a 
and generally most of the time it does OK. I have noticed that it seems to 
be smoother with less hiccups when run more often so as to only need to 
update a few at a time rather than waiting until a whole lot of stuff needs 
updating. The reason I do it in the sequence I do is I believe this way the 
package database and the INDEX stay in sync.

I have noticed some odd behaviors in the last 3 months, or so. So far no 
catastrophe. But I have seen portupgrade something and then a subsequent run 
shows this port as being 'newer' than the version it's supposed to be. I've 
also noticed a few times it seemed like it was upgrading the same version(s) 
over again. I just chalked this up to the ports system being in a state of 
flux and it hasn't actually led to any problems so I've just ignored it.  


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