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Date:      Fri, 19 Nov 1999 10:13:03 -0500
From:      Tom Embt <>
To:        chat@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   RE: Microsoft service packs... (was many other threads...)
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Perhaps one cannot mention NT without feeling an intense need to vent

As for Win2K, I crash it constantly, but I think it's mostly a "video
driver thing".

Tom Embt

>	I'm baffled. How did the merits of NT get into this? We were never even
>discussing whether NT was a good or bad server operating system.
>	DS
>> Quote from a friend who is an NT admin...
>> In response to David's comments on NT 'advances' in Service Packs....
>> This is nuts.
>> Anyway, I think NT is stable when it comes to programs, but when the
>> system goes down, it goes down hard. The other day, I installed a new
>> server, which had nothing on it but NT4.0 and service pack 4. The
>> company
>> came out to install the banks software, and it crashed (bug checked)
>> just during the FILE COPY!!! I mean, come on. How the heck can you
>> norrow
>> down what caused that?
>> No, the more I use NT, the more I hate it. Even from the very limited
>> use
>> of win2000, I think it will be much better.

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