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Date:      Wed, 14 Nov 2018 05:00:40 -0500
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Subject:   Investing in Facilities and Infrastructure Conference
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=0A=0A=EF=BB=BF=0A=0ALAST CHANCE TO REGISTER=0A=0ACharles Johnson=0A=0ADire=
ctor of Property and Facilities=0A=0ASport England=0A=0ASteven Ward=0A=0ACh=
ief Executive Officer=0A=0A=EF=BB=BFukactive=EF=BB=BF=0A=0AGuy Boulby=0A=0A=
Head of Cycling & Walking, Access & Accessible Travel Division=0A=0A=EF=BB=
=BFDepartment for Transport=0A=0AMartin Reeves=0A=0AChief Executive=0A=0ACo=
ventry City Council=0A=0A[1]CLICK FOR CONFERENCE AGENDA=0A=0ASince the intr=
oduction of the Sporting Future and Towards an Active Nation=0Astrategies t=
he United Kingdom has responded with gusto, working towards=0Alocal and nat=
ional agendas that have been designed to stem the alarming=0Arise in inacti=
vity.=0A=0AIn order to encourage people to move more, providing the right f=
acilities=0Ain the right areas is key to increasing sport and physical acti=
vity for all=0Aacross the nation. The design and layout of where we live an=
d work plays a=0Avital role in our daily mobility and our leisure facilitie=
s are the=0Acornerstone of a physically and mentally healthy community and =
are used by=0Athousands of families every day. To accommodate our busy 21st=
 century=0Alifestyles, we have consciously 'designed out' the opportunity t=
o exercise.=0AIn turn, as we searched for the easier life, the lack of visi=
on has reduced=0Athe viable and affordable opportunities to stretch our leg=
s.=0A=0AWhy Sports will deliver our Investing in Facilities and Infrastruct=
ure=0AConference on the 27th November 2018 The Royal Society of Medicine.=
=0A=0AThis conference will aim to provide a backdrop of the current situati=
on and=0Aseek to highlight a number of high quality and engaging projects t=
hat are=0Aworking to provide 21st century facilities for all. Challenge, de=
bate,=0Anetwork, share knowledge and develop long lasting business relation=
ships.=0A=0AConference topics;=0A* Sporting Future and Towards an Active Na=
tion policy updates=0A* Co-location of services=0A* Active Design guidance =
and benefits=0A* Estate rationalisation=0A* New build, refurbishment, energ=
y efficiency=0A* Grass roots investment=0A* Cycling and walking investment =
strategy and updates=0A* Health and well-being hubs=0A* Local authority inv=
estment and engagement=0A=0A=EF=BB=BF=0A=0A[2]HEADLINE SPONSOR=0A=0A[3]=0A=
=0AZumbotel Lighting in the UK is a brand of ZG Lighting (UK) Limited.=0AZu=
mtobel, a company of the Zumbotel Group, is an internationally leading=0Asu=
pplier of integral lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor=
=0Abuilding lighting applications.=0A=0AFor more than 50 years, Zumtobel ha=
s been developing innovative, custom=0Alighting solutions that meet extreme=
ly exacting requirements in terms of=0Aergonomics, economic efficiency and =
environmental compatibility and also=0Adeliver aesthetic added value. Zumbo=
tel Lighting will present from the main=0Astage in the morning plenary sess=
ion regards their solutions for sports and=0Aleisure facilities across the =
UK.=0A=0A[4]WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS FROM=0A=0A[5]=0A=0AExceptional architect=
ure is the product of great design and enlightened=0Apatronage. For this re=
ason David Morley Architects seek out clients who=0Awill enable us to do ou=
r best work. After 30 years of practice, our=0Aprojects have been consisten=
tly both evolutionary and revolutionary,=0Abuilding on tradition as well as=
 creating prototypes for the future. A=0ADavid Morley Architects project is=
 a =E2=80=98natural consequence=E2=80=99 using both=0Ameanings: in harmony =
with nature and relaxed and unaffected. Our work is=0Aintegrated, wherever =
possible using one building component to solve more=0Athan one problem and =
it=E2=80=99s based on a process of dialogue and communication=0Ato ensure e=
very scheme is well focused on delivering what each individual=0Aclient nee=
ds.=0A=0A[6]=0A=0AWe are an independent research and consulting company wit=
h more than 25=0Ayears of experience working in The Netherlands. We provide=
 services related=0Ato managing traffic, transportation and mobility. By in=
tegrating=0Atransportation systems, we are working to create healthy and li=
vable=0Acommunities prepared for the future.=0A=0AWe view the streets as pu=
blic spaces that should be safe and accessible for=0Aall users. Our approac=
h is to put users of infrastructure and facilities at=0Athe heart of each p=
roject, while remaining true to the client=E2=80=99s goals.=0AResearch is a=
t the heart of our business and leads us to innovative=0Asolutions applicab=
le to problems being faced today. Our projects explore=0Aideas like 24-hour=
 mobility and the integration of non-polluting vehicles=0Ainto freight syst=
ems. The knowledge we gain through research not only=0Aallows us to develop=
 creative solutions, but also leads us to more new=0Aideas.=0A=0A[7]CONFERE=
NCE PARTNERS=0A=0A[8]=0A=0A[9]=0A=0A[10]=0A=0A[11]=0A=0A[12]=0A=0A[13]=0A=
LEGATE TICKET PRICES=0A=0A3rd Sector =C2=A3225=0A=0APublic Sector =C2=A3295=
=0A=0APrivate Sector =C2=A3395=0A=0AFor more information call +44(0)161 246=
 6788=0A=0A[17]TAKE ME TO THE WEBSITE=0A=0AF I N D O U T M O R E=0A=0AFollo=
w us on social media for more info & updates=0A[18]Twitter [19]LinkedIn [20=
]YouTube=0A=0A[21]=0A=0AReferences=0A=0A1. http://investment2018.whysports.=
=0A4. ht=
tp:// http://lon=
astructure=0A13. http://www.rocklynsports.c= http://investment2018.whysports.c=
.uk/=0A18. https://www.linkedi=
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