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Date:      Wed, 7 Feb 1996 23:41:02 -0800
Subject:   DNS and Bind on FreeBSD.
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Dale Benzer asked:
> Having some trouble understanding how to set up BIND With freebsd 2.1 The 
> doc from the bind 4.9.3 tar file isn't all that helpful....
> Is there any further documentation, or is there a version of bind ready 
> to run for freebsd 2.1?

At nearly the same time, David Brockus queried:
% Does a DNS Server come with the FreeBSD 2.0.5R?  If not, 
% does anyone know where to find one for FreeBSD?  Thanks.

Yes, gents, FreeBSD comes with a DNS server, based on BIND (the
Berkeley Internet Naming Daemon).  Just to keep things confusing, the
executable for this is called 'named'.  ;^)

Named is relatively straightforward to configure.  Your best bet is to
run out and buy a copy of "TCP/IP Network Administration," Craig Hunt,
O'Reilly & Associates 1992, ISBN 0-937175-82-X.  If you are going to
run *any* TCP/IP network, even two nodes like mine, ;^) you *need*
this book.  O'Reilly can be found on the Web at, or
look at the Bookpool, http:://

If you want to delve more deeply into DNS, you're a sick and twisted
individual.  Get help immediately, in the form of "DNS and Bind", Paul
Albitz and Cricket Liu, O'Reilly and Associates 1992, ISBN
1-56592-010-4.  Oddly enough, both of these books just happened to be
laying under my left elbow when I encountered your messages.  ;^)

If you just want a sample configuration, mailto: and I
will send you my entire /etc/namedb directory.  You may do with it as
you wish.

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