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Date:      Sun, 28 Aug 2005 09:24:25 +0930
From:      pc9630 <>
To:        ipfw <>
Subject:   Dummynet + intro
Message-ID:  <>

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Greetings List,
I am a new subscriber to the list (from Adelaide, Australia). Just 
introducing myself and looking for some pointers in the use of dummynet.

I am a win32/linux user I have some experience in the use/development of 
network simulators through my postgrad studies. I also have very limited 
BSD knowledge.

I am currently trying to evaluate a number of PABXs and have setup the 
picobsd version of dummynet. (prefering it over nistnet)

I want to put the pabxs through their paces with regards to IP trunking 
between 2 units (h323). These units will be spread out geographically 
(dsl tails) and converging to a central point (our office). I would like 
to setup a number of differing scenarios for link conditions both 
typical and atypical and rediculous.

I have managed some trivial ones like a dsl link from examples but I 
would like to setup in such a way that I can try a number of different 
links and script it to make life easier.

1. main link to the HO will be either wireless or landline to the ISP 

2. the tails will be a smattering of DSL grade links with varying 
properties latency, jitter, and PL.

I would like to establish the main link (I assume as a pipe) and setup 
another representing the tail.

So the questions.
1. Does anyone have some suggestions for a typical line of sight wirless 

2. Does anyone have some suggestions for a the DSL tails.

I only need 2 nodes for testing purposes.

All suggestions will be most useful



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