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Date:      Tue, 23 Mar 2021 11:44:59 -0400 (EDT)
From:      Doug Denault <>
To:        Valeri Galtsev <>
Cc:        "" <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Re: Adding /usr/src using freebsd-update
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On Sat, 20 Mar 2021, Valeri Galtsev wrote:

>> On Mar 20, 2021, at 9:42 PM, Doug Denault <> wrote:
>> My motivation for wanting to do this is basically because updating 
>> 11.3-->12.2 broke my Lenovo Ideapad. This is a "well known" and 
>> apparently has a workaround but I could not find a combination that 
>> worked following the very helpful suggestion out of the X11 mailing list 
>> or google. What did work was 13.0-RC2. Out of the box following UPDATING 
>> and pkg notes. Whatever the issue was it was obviously complex involving 
>> the interaction of several components in Xorg, FreeBSD and whether or 
>> nor EFI booting was used. All except the last one are perfectly obvious. 
>> I only mention this as background for why not use git or subversion (for 
>> a while anyway).
>> The fix required that kernel sources be available. On the Lenovo that 
>> happened not to be a problem. On another laptop I did not have /usr/src 
>> so freebsd-update did not add/update it and I saw no option to add 
>> /usr/src. The conf file apparently says take care of it if it is there.
> Did you try to use svn? Something in lines
> svn co /usr/src
> (confessing: I?m lazy guy, and about a week or so ago I still used svn, 
> successfully).

First Thank you for the suggestion. Re Lazy, me too, hence looking for an 
"easy" answer. The svn port had similar [non]success. On the system in 
question this was an "I wonder if this works". I have 500+ packages on this 
workstation and have not yet added gimp, yet so there is no need for more 
interlocking dependencies. On a Lenovo laptop src was required to install 
the drm package required in 13.0 to make it work. Happily it was already 

>> On my HP no /usr/src. I did a package add for git adding 32 required 
>> packages and the installed failed to deliver a working git command. So 
>> on to subversion with similar results. This with 12.2.
>> As I had already updated to 12.2 and it was working I removed all 
>> packages, copied a 12.1 /usr/src from another server and did a fetch. 
>> This added in the files new to 12.2 and did report doing anything else, 
>> so I rather doubt this is a "good" version of the src tree.
>> All of the above for my real question. since I had a number of 11.3 
>> /usr/src trees, if I had just added that before doing an upgrade I think 
>> that will work. Correct?
> I would just move existing /usr/src off the way (rename) and pull fresh 
> new of the release you need (say, using svn command if git doesn?t work 
> on that machine for whatever reason).

Probably a good idea. On the servers we go the poudriere route. On 
workstations I have never gotten xorg to build and usually do not have the 
time to see if it will work this time. I will probably continue my thought 
experiement when the workstation morphs to 13.

I will learn git going forward. I would be nice if for the non internals 
folks if this could just be done via the browser. I have no idea if that's 
even possible

> Valeri

Douglas Denault
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