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Date:      Tue, 14 Jul 2015 08:38:14 +0000
From:      SoftwareSuggest Team <>
Subject:   Partnership Opportunity | Twikster
Message-ID:  <>

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Dear Partner,

Twikster is a 360 degree e-commerce enablement platform to help small businesses get started with selling online. Here is a quick overview video of what we provide on the platform -

We have but one goal - to make online selling easy, accessible and cost effective for all SMB&#39;s. Twikster is all inclusive and aims to serve businesses with any type of budget. To help us reach these businesses, we have an affiliate program and we hope that you will consider joining it.

As a member of the Indian tech industry, we believe that you get a number of queries for creating online businesses and we would love it if we could work together to meet the requirements of these clients. Rest assured, working with us can bring you very lucrative commissions!

We have two very simple modules as listed below -

			Free Module
			Paid Module
			Commision Per Lead
			 Rs 50
			 Rs 75
			Walkthrough of platform
			Price Negotiation & discounting
			Customer follow up & Sales closures
			Customer feedback & relationship management
			Revenue Share
			Initial Investment
			New Partner
			 Rs 7500
			Referral Partner with 5 closures

The Terms and Conditions are simple too -

1. Twikster has 3 plans - Twikster Go (Forever Free), Twikster Preferred and Twikster Pro. For leads who sign up and stay on the Twikster Go (Forever Free) plan, only the commission per lead will be paid out. No revenue share will be applicable. 

2. Revenue share will apply only for those leads who move from the free plan to Twikster Preferred or Twikster Pro plans, based on the need of their business. 

3. The Annual Maintainence Fee charged by Twikster will not be considered as revenue, and only the set up fee + cost of add-ons will be considered when sharing revenue.

4. Since Twikster has a Forever Free plan for which the user is not charged any monthly subscription fee but only a 5% transaction fee, Twikster expects a 20% conversion on leads. This means that a minimum of 2 out of 10 leads will be expected to actively create a free store and set up with the payment gateway at the very least. If this does not happen, then we will not pay the commission per lead, but will move into the model where the affiliate will get paid per sale only. This means that a revenue share will be done when the leads opt for Twikster Preferred or Twikster Pro plans.

5. A checkout limit of Rs 4000 is applicable - as soon as commissions reach or cross Rs 4000, the affiliate can withdraw the money. Payout will happen once every 30 days 

6. We will use a third party software to track and manage the affiliate partners and the leads generated by each partner. Everyone will have clear visibility into the generated and converted leads and we will work to ensure that there is no discrepancy 

Please contact us on or +91 8861674504 if you would like to get on board and help us bring small businesses online!

Namrata Soni

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