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Date:      Fri, 1 May 2020 05:36:19 +0200
From:      Polytropon <>
To:        Mike Starr <>
Subject:   Re: Problem with kde5
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On Thu, 30 Apr 2020 15:32:31 -0700, Mike Starr wrote:
> Hi Jerry. It sounds like you have things more or less under control, but I
> would recommend the following:
> 1) Find the source/address of the sub your host which is unidentified ("")

According to the error message presented, it seems that some
KDE component (here: an interface to xcb - probably "X cut buffers")
tries to contact the X host system after it has been shut down,
but the component is still running. I guess it from those

	[...] however, when I log out of it, the following message
	is repeated on the screen ad infinitum:

	qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display :0 qt.qpa.plugin:

	Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though
	it was found. This application failed to start because no Qt
	platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the
	application may fix this problem.

Here we find (again) a typical exhibit of today's way of phrasing
error messages that leaves us with a question: WHICH application
is the message taking about? The user would probably be absolutely
happy to try to re-install the application if he knew which one. ;-)

Conclusion (guess):

Depending on if KDM is being used, or if the KDE session is
started with a "startx" command after console login, it looks
like the KDE user session didn't properly terminate when the
session was closed.

Check process list to see if you can find something is running
that shouldn't be running.

> 2) Read up on QuickTime?

No, in this case, "qt" and "Qt" refer to the toolkit used by KDE. :-)

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