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Date:      Mon, 18 Jul 2011 14:44:15 -0500
From:      Gary Gatten <>
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Subject:   RE: Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore
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I've always been curious why "Linux" seemed to take off so fast when other =
FOSS / non Winblow$ OS's were available for some time with not much tractio=
n; OS/2, BeOS, *nix with X11, etc.

Not just on the desktop, but servers as well.  "Supported" versions of Linu=
x such as RHEL, Suse, etc. seem to have made more headway into the enterpri=
se computing environment in the last ten years than *BSD did in the last 30.

>From my personal experience - which is relatively limited - it seems applic=
ations just work on Linux?  When I need to compile an app, it takes a few m=
ins on Linux - but may take me a few weeks on FBSD.  Granted someone more k=
nowledgeable with FBSD, Compilers, etc. could do it much faster than I.

Anyway, if someone has a brief explanation of why Linux has apparently triu=
mphed (in so far as installed base, desktop penetration, etc.) where so man=
y others have failed (including IBM with OS/2) I'd be interested in hearing=
 those thoughts.



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