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Date:      Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:08:51 +1000
From:      Rob B <>
Cc:, Wilko Bulte <>,
Subject:   Re: Alpha pws 500au and Matrox Millennium G450 (PCI)
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At 02:37 12/06/2002, David O'Brien sent this up the stick:
> > > Why? I thought that with the PWS you can only use those cards in the
> > > 64bit slots that SRM "knows"?! This is actually also my experience.
> > > The machine does not accept "unknown" cards in 64bit slots, while they
> > > may run fine in 32bit slots.
> >
> > Definately not the case.  I have both a Matrox Millenium II and an Elsa
> > GLoria XL in the 64 bit slots on a PWS, and both FreeBSD and Linux boot
> > fine.  I am pretty sure that what you mention is only the case for VMS and
> > Tru64.
>No, what he says is true -- it is an SRM issue, thus one that happens
>before any OS is loaded and affects us all.  Also Matrox Millenium II and
>Elsa GLoria XL are well known by the Miata SRM.

While the Matrox might be known, the Elsa card is not.  The GLoria Synergy 
is known to SRM, but not the XL.

As an aside, but could be related, I was having all sorts of problems with 
my Miata under Linux using the GLoria XL card, ie: it took nearly 10 
minutes to boot, and threw up machine checks whenever I changed virtual 
terminals or the screenblanker kicked in.  These problems do not occur 
under FreeBSD.  I swapped the Elsa out for a Millenium II and the machine 
checks no longer occur.



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