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Date:      Fri, 15 Sep 1995 21:33:10 -0500 (CDT)
From:      January <>
Subject:   Getting FreeBSD to boot
Message-ID:  <>

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Someone suggested I mail this service with my question so here goes... :)

I have a 486DX4/100, 16M RAM, Maxtor 1.2Gb E-IDE disk. I installed 
FreeBSD 2.0.5 on a block of the disk that straddles the 1024 cylinder 
boundary. The root (/) partition, however, is entirely below the boundary.

Here's the problem. It won't boot.

When I select it off of my boot menu, the FreeBSD BOOT: prompt comes up 
with its little message. If I let it time out, or press <enter> (or 
anything else for that matter), 
appears in the corner of the screen. It does not spin; it just sits 
there. At that point, I have to coldboot my machine. I cannot get it to 
boot by pointing a bootdisk to the harddrive either.

Please help me on this... I would very much like to be using FreeBSD 
2.0.5. :)

-dp <>

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