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Date:      Sun, 16 Aug 2020 08:48:25 +0200
From:      "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <>
Subject:   Re: A nice looking WM to replace a DE
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Anno domini 2020 Sun, 16 Aug 12:43:51 +0700
 Victor Sudakov scripsit:
> Dear Colleagues,
> There is a box where I'd like to ditch Xfce for a more simple setup with
> just a window manager (WM) and a couple of xterms. This would set the
> resources free from the gnome-shit which Xfce runs in the background.
> Is it still possible?
> If you run this kind of configuration, can you answer some questions for
> me?
> 1. What good-looking WM would you recommend from the ports? I had a
> quick look at fvwm and was appalled how dated and ugly it looks to the
> modern eye. Even twm is better aesthetically but not rich enough
> for me. A minimal number of dependencies is an advantage.
> 2. Without a full-featured DE, how do you setup Xserver parameters? I've
> long forgotten how to configure multiple keyboard layouts, nice fonts,
> various hotkeys (layout switching etc). Is it still done via the global
> xorg.conf or is it possible on a per-user basis?
> So, please share your success stories.

@1: "good looking" is in the eye of the observer. I have FVWM and TDE (which is not in ports) running.
@2: you have a text editor, so what else do you need?


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