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Date:      Sun, 17 Sep 2000 04:22:13 -0700
From:      Janet Sullivan <>
To:        "Dave Lindberg" <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD compatability....
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On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, you wrote:

> My name is Dave Lindberg and I just bought a new AMD Anthlon machine... Compaq 7AP140. 
> Configured as: 800 Mhz AMD Anthlon, 128 MG, Mediamatic DVD drive,
> CDRW drive ?, 16 Mg nVidia TNT2 graphics card, 128 bit Sound Blaster
> audio card, Micromodem 56K modem, NIC card ?....  Do you know if I can
> run FreeBSD on my system?  

I'm running FreeBSD 4.1-Stable on a Compaq 7AP140 here without any
problems.  Of course, YMMV.  

Things to be aware of:

The 56k modem in the 7AP140 is a HSP modem, and a sucky one at that.  I
haven't even been able to get it to run ok under Windows 2000 - it only
wants to work under Windows 98.   If you need a modem on your new box
under FreeBSD, you'll need a real (non-HSP) modem.  

The sound card won't work until you build a custom kernel with
"device pcm" in it.  

I haven't tried burning a CD under FreeBSD yet, so I can't verify how
well the burner behaves.

I don't have my DVD player set up so I can watch movies under FreeBSD. 
If I want to watch a DVD I'll do it on my home entertainment system. :-)

> I really don't know if I can run it on an AMD processor

I run FreeBSD just fine on both a Athlon and a K6.  

> I'm trying to make a dual boot system and was wondering... can I do
>this with Win 98 and FreeBSD. 

I have my 7AP140 dual booting between Windows 2000 Professional and
FreeBSD using FreeBSD's Bootmgr.  I took Windows 98 off the machine.  
If you do mess around with repartitioning the hard drive, I suggest
backing up the contents of the D: (SYSTEM_SAV) first.  It contains
Windows drivers and programs for the 7AP140 that aren't included on CD
with the machine.  Personally, I just used the burner and make a
three-CD set off of the stuff on SYSTEM_SAV.  

> Could I load FreeBSD into a partition on my Win 98 hard drive or
> would I need a new HD to load the system? 

I don't know if FreeBSD can install itself onto a Win98 drive like
RedHat, but I woudn't want to anyway as it would slow things down.  I
suggest resizing your Windows partition and then installing FreeBSD in
the free space.  Personally, I use the OS Wizard included with System 
Commander Deluxe to resize partitions (I think its a striped down
version of Partition Magic?).  Before resizing your partition, make a
backup of your important files and defrag your drive.  


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