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Date:      Tue, 27 Jul 1999 16:43:37 +0100
From:      Brian Somers <>
To:        "Ian Molee" <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: chat script failure in user-level PPP 
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Enable chat logging....

Ppp doesn't interpret single quotes as being anything special, so 
assuming they aren't real linefeeds in your dial script, it's 
probably failing expecting "''".

> I am having quite a time attempting to get my PPP connection to work
> properly under FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASE.  The problem is that I cannot for the
> life of me get my chat script to succeed.  Each and every time I attempt to
> connect using a "dial" command, I get the message "Warning: chat script
> failed" as soon as the TIMEOUT value has expired.
> I can connect manually, by entering the "term" command and manually entering
> the appropriate AT commands, then logging in, so I know that the problem is
> not with my hardware settings, interface settings, or miscellaneous ppp
> settings (e.g., "set device /dev/cuaa0").  The following is the ppp.conf
> file I'd like to use:
> ---ppp.conf---
> default:
>   set device /dev/cuaa0
>   set speed 115200
> mindspring:
>   set phone "404 287 3038|404 654 1300|404 654 1350"
>   set login "TIMEOUT 10 '' '' gin:--gin: <username> word: <password>"
>   set timeout 300
>   set ifaddr
>   add default HISADDR
> ---eof---
> Naturally, I am using my actual username and password in the proper
> locations above, instead of the placeholders.  I have tried altering the
> dial script and the "set phone" into simpler expressions to reduce the
> chances of the chat script failing to no avail.  For example, I changed the
> "set phone" line to include only a single phone number, and eliminated
> spaces from the phone number, thinking that this may be confusing chat.  I
> even tried setting dial scripts as simple as "TIMEOUT 5 '' ATZ OK-AT-OK" and
> "TIMEOUT 5 '' ''", and _even these_ failed. >:(
> I do not know if it's noteworthy that running chat manually from the command
> line fails with an exit code of 3, indicating that a timeout event has
> occurred.
> I am a bit upset with myself that I can't figure out something that ought to
> be relatively simple, but my setup seems to be in accordance with the
> sources of documentation to which I've referred (FreeBSD Handbook, PPP man
> page, and _The Complete FreeBSD_).  After all, I've gotten this type of
> functionality to work on other platforms in the past.  However, I'm afraid
> I'm at my wit's end, and think that surely there must be someone who's dealt
> with this problem, or at least has a good idea of what it might be.  I shall
> appreciate greatly any guidance that any good Samaritan can provide.
> Additionally, if anyone knows of any good "gotchas" regarding getting a
> Windows NT machine to happily talk via the FreeBSD box as a gateway of
> sorts, then I'd be interested in hearing about these:  preliminary testing
> last night after manually establishing the connection and issuing an "alias
> enable yes" do not look promising. :(
> Thanks very much,
> Ian Molee
> PS: Please ensure that any replies are routed to my specific e-mail, in
> addition to the freebsd-questions group:  I've recently unsubscribed to this
> list because I simply could not deal with the volume.

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