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Date:      Thu, 4 Jan 1996 14:22:46 +1030 (CST)
From:      Michael Smith <>
Subject:   Re: help BACKUPS with TAR ?
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Bill Henderson" at Jan 3, 96 08:21:57 am

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You know, if you only posted this message to one place instead of 
many, you'd probably have had a much better response.

Bill Henderson stands accused of saying:
> I have a scsi qic 3080 2gig tape backup unit, and while trying
> to backup using tar cv / it runs for quite awhile but always seeems
> to hang up the whole machine where a reboot is nessasary.
> I also tried the same backup to a hard disk with the same results,
> the disk is only 1.8 gig and only 46% being used, has anyone got an Idea
> to what is going on here or how to fix it ?

No, I doubt anyone has.  You will need to supply a lot more in the way
of details before anyone will be able to help you.
(Stop and think for a moment; are we mind-readers? do we have hidden wires
to your machine that let us see what it's doing?)

You need to offer at least the following details :

o  The probe messages (from the system logs) for the tape drive and SCSI
o  Some idea of whether there are any error messages generated when the
   backup fails.
o  General details as to the configuration of the rest of your system.
o  Which version of FreeBSD you're running.

As a rule, more details are better than less.

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