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Date:      Thu, 03 Oct 96 11:55:09 +1000
From:      Mikel Lindsaar <>
Subject:   Motor Company Help Desk
Message-ID:  <>

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Having just gone to a conference in Melbourne Australia (hello to all
those I finally got to put a face too BTW *8-]  I mentioned to our dinner
table the classic piece of prose that outlines what a computer help desk
call would be like if it was a car company.  Everyone on the table was
most amused, and before I knew it I was flooded in ISP business cards
asking if I could email it to them.

Now, I could create my own version of it, but I don't want to steal the
thunder from the original (which I know is out there.)

Does anyone have this funny telephone script?  An excerpt of it looks
something like this:

Caller> Hello, my car isn't working!
Helpdesk> Really sir?  Have you turned it on with the key?
Caller> Key?
Helpdesk> Yes, it is a small metallic object you got with the car, put it
in the ignition and turn it until you hear the engine noise Caller> Man
these things are complicated....

You get the general drift I am sure for those than know.

Thankyou all



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