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Date:      Thu, 08 Jan 2015 09:26:49 +0800
From:      Gregory Orange <>
Subject:   Re: CURRENT: Intel Haswell KMS support?
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On 05/01/15 16:35, Arthur Chance wrote:
> On 05/01/2015 02:33, Gregory Orange wrote:
>> I think this is the problem I'm facing - can you clarify and assist if
>> possible? I have a Haswell i3 which runs X fine with vesa, but when I
>> quit X, the machine crashes hard and requires holding the power button.
> The problem with sc and the new X system is that on return from X to
> console mode the sc driver can't regain control of the screen to display
> anything. It doesn't crash, but you get a black screen so you might
> think it's not responding. In fact, if you (carefully) type "shutdown -r
> now" (or any other command) it will respond. If that's what's happening,
> switching to the vt driver will help. If you're genuinely getting a
> crash though it's not an sc versus vt problem.

I gave it a try just in case, but sadly, it appears I am getting a 
genuine crash. It did help on another older machine I'm tinkering with, 
but I'm still stuck here. PC-BSD (installed last night to try) has the 
same problem, so I'll give Ubuntu a try and see that works.

Any pointers here on how to troubleshoot this would be most welcome. I 
can't find anything in logs, and the machine just freezes hard when I 
quit X or press Ctrl-Alt-[1-7].


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