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Date:      Tue, 3 Feb 2009 07:27:18 -0500
From:      William Bulley <>
To:        Brad Mettee <>
Subject:   Re: short-changed on SD card?
Message-ID:  <20090203122717.GA6430@dell1>

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According to Brad Mettee <> on Mon, 02/02/09 at 15:55:
> Does an XP machine also detect it as 960MB? If not, can you put more than 
> 960M on it and verify that it's all intact?

Yes, Windows XP sees it as a 960MB FAT16 "drive".

And when formatting it under Windows XP it never gave me the option to up
this number, so somewhere (boot block, MBR?) the concept of 960MB is retained.

> Create a 100MB zip file, put 10+ copies on the card. Then test to see if 
> the CRC is correct on all of the copies. If they're alls ok, then the card 
> is in fact 2GB. If you start getting errors on any of the files (and can 
> wipe/repeat the problem), then I'd say you've been ripped off and it's only 
> a 1GB card.

Did you intend to have me put this ZIP file on the SD card using Windows XP
or FreeBSD, or does it matter?  I wish I didn't have to touch Windows XP at
all, grrr...   :-(



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