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Date:      Wed, 04 Jun 1997 17:02:30 -0500
From:      "Mark G. Miller" <mmiller@slate.Mines.EDU>
Subject:   Some questions.
Message-ID:  <>

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I recently upgraded my 2.1.5 FreeBSD CD-ROM installation to a 2.2.2
installation.  The installation was accomplished via ftp.  After modifying
the rc.conf file to look like the sysconfig file, the system is again
running.  I am having problems in two areas in which you may be able to
help.  First, I am trying to get Qualcomm's qpopper 2.3 running.  Second, I
was wondering if you could e-mail me the login.conf file.

The first problem is, perhaps, related to my DES/Kerbose installation.  I
am not sure.  I unpacked the qpopper source into a directory
/root/qpopper2.3 and ran "make 44bsd".  The source compiled fine, but when
it came time to link into an executable it returned:
pop_pass.o:  Undefined symbol '_crypt' referenced from text segment
*** Error code 1
The documentation says that FreeBSD needs to have the DES installed.  I
ftp'd the des.aa, des.ab, krb.aa, krb.ab, and the install script
from and ran the  This seemed to work.  I
rebooted, but the compiler error was the same.  

Next I installed the DES option from the sysinstall program.  Same result.
I noticed in the online FreeBSD html handbook to look at the links on the
libcrypt* files.  My files show the same des links as those in section
6.1.1 of the handbook.  However a look at the master password file shows
all passwords beginning with $1$, which indicates the MD5 algorithm.  Is my
system confused or what?

Is there some switch I have missed?  Should I start over? I would like to
use the system as an e-mail server for a class of about 20 students who are
here taking a one month short course.  I looked at the FAQ, but did not
come up with anything related to pop mail.

The second problem is related to the way I installed FreeBSD.  I did not
install the sources and therefore can not solve the following problem,
taken from your errata:  

o login as root produces "login_getclass: unknown class 'root'" on system

cp /usr/src/etc/login.conf /etc

While the current hard disk is not large enough for a source distribution,
I could use another machine.  I do not feel like using the bandwidth (200
MB) is appropriate for a file which is likely in the neighborhood of 20k. I
could not find the file on the web site.

I realize you are very busy and may not be able to help, but I and the
students would appreciate your aid.  Thank you.

Mark Miller

Dr. Mark G. Miller
Research Associate
Drilling Engineering Research Group
Petroleum Engineering Department
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado  80401

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