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Date:      Thu, 10 Feb 2011 08:12:38 +0100
From:      Bas Smeelen <>
Subject:   Re: Partial DNS tree
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On 02/09/2011 08=3A22 PM=2C David Brodbeck wrote=3A
=3E I think the term you=27re looking for is =22split-horizon DNS=22=2E
=3E I second the recommendation to use dnsmasq for this=2E  It=27s extremel=
=3E easy to set up=2E  But if you really want to do this with a =22proper=
=22 DNS
=3E server=2C such as bind=2C googling on the above term will probably help=
I agree that this would be a much =22cleaner=22 approach=2C though it=27s h=
arder to
setup and maintain than dnsmasq=2E

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