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Date:      Mon, 6 Feb 95 10:25:18 GMT
Subject:   login to FreeBSD via modem. How?
Message-ID:  <3933.9502061025@suma1>

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Can anyone tell me how to enable remote logins to my FreeBSD 2 system via
a modem.  I have a modem (14k4) on com1, /dev/ttyd0, which I use to collect
email via UUCP. I would also like to allow a friend to login through
the same modem (at 2400 baud) to check their mail.
I have turned ttyd0 on and use "getty std.2400" but all I get is rubbish
when the modem auto-answers.

I relalise that the setting on/off in ttys will need changing before 
uucico calls out and a "kill -hup 1".  I can handle that with a script.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?  Do I need a fancy stty command? 

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