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Date:      Mon, 9 Oct 1995 19:17:30 +0930 (CST)
From:      Michael Smith <>
To: (Falko Dressler)
Subject:   Re: XF86_S3 & emacs/other X11 clients
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Falko Dressler" at Oct 9, 95 09:48:02 am

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Falko Dressler stands accused of saying:
> I tried to start X11(R6/R5) clients like the GNU emacs or pcemu (with some DOS programs in it)
> under the XFree 3.1.1 S3 server but I failed. Everytime the server crashes with some
> unexpected errors. 
> Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Yes.  Fix the cause of the errors.

> Falko Dressler    

(In case you hadn't noticed, the above language technique is called "irony".
 If you don't have a sense of humour, you can read the above as "No, I 
 haven't the faintest idea how to solve the problems, and indeed you can't
 solve them because Xfree86 is in fact a hoax.  It's really an Amiga
 emulator with every third byte replaced with one taken randomly from a
 really inaccurate translation of the Koran into sanskrit.")

 (Who might also be a hoax, but probably isn't.)

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