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Date:      Tue, 03 Jul 2007 08:21:38 -0400
From:      Gerard <>
To:        User Questions <>
Subject:   Re[2]: flash
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On July 02, 2007 at 11:57PM Richard Lynch wrote:

> "Need" is relative, but personally, I stopped installing Flash even
> operating systems where it actually sort of works, albeit sucking down
> CPU and RAM like there's no tomorrow, and crashing on a semi-regular
> basis...
> I found my surfing experience vastly improved without Flash.
> Formerly dog-slow sites are much faster.
> And there isn't any content I've felt deprived to not get.
> Obviously, folks who spend their free time (or work-time :-)) watching
> youtube would feel differently, but...

Personally, I disagree. Many sites that I use, including business
sites, require the use of Flash. Your statement that Flash is only
relevant for those who view 'YouTube' is grossly incorrect. It is due
to the numerous problems of getting Flash to work correctly under
FreeBSD, regardless of which browser the end user is employing, that
I keep a Windows machine so as to facilitate the viewing of Flash

IMHO, this is one of the reasons that more users do not use alternative
operating systems like FBSD. I would love to see a simple procedure
that would install Firefox or Opera, with Flash, Java and possibly PDF
support installed and configured. I have seen too many individuals
simply give up on the procedure and return to using Windows for
browsing.  A simple search of this forum will prove that point out. It
just shouldn't have to be that complicated.


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