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Date:      Wed, 3 Jan 2018 13:53:08 -0500
From:      Mark Moellering <>
Cc:        "" <>
Subject:   Re: Craigslist emails not coming through on my server
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What mail program are you using?  If I may, there are a few basics you
should know before posting to this list.  Your type of question happens
often, so I want to try and cover these basics.  I don't want you to think
you shouldn't ask questions but you will get much better and more polite
answers if a few basic rules are followed;

Step one: go to the specific mailing list or forum for the offending
application.  I would guess either, sendmail or dovecot.  There should be
suggestions as to what log-files and config files should be included with

Step two: copy and paste the error and include any suggested files.  If you
can't find that information, try to include all relevant config files, and
including a portion of the log files surrounding and including the error
can help as well.  Send this information in your post to the application
forum / list [from Step One].  If you do this, you will get a much better
and quicker response.

Step three: If someone on the mail-daemon list [from step one] says that
everything should work, and it could be something in the OS; Try and get a
clear understanding of why they think it is the OS. Post to this list with
everything that has transpired on the mail-daemon list.  Feel free to copy
and paste an email thread.  Too much information is rarely a problem.  It
is best to include an summary of everything you have done so far, and what
lead you to post to this list.  Then, include config files, email threads,
This way, everyone knows what has already been tried.

and because I feel for anyone setting up email server software, go through
the documentation.  It could be that craigslist is not following all of the
RFCs regarding email correctly, and you have to allow an incorrectly
configured email server to connect to you.  When I set up this sort of
software on FreeBSD, there were specific controls for allowing certain
Microsoft applications to connect, as Microsoft was notorious for not
following RFCs.


Mark Moellering

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 12:39 PM, Chris Maness <> wrote:

> I try to reset my CL password, but I am not receiving emails and I am
> receiving this message in the maillog: "
> Jan  3 09:31:54 ns1 sm-mta[81230]: w03HUpaV081230:
> [] did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN
> during connection to IPv4
> "
> Not sure if this is a fail or a warning, and it is something I need to
> fix or they need to fix.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Chris
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