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Date:      Sun, 22 Jul 2007 15:55:25 +0800
From:      Zhang Weiwu <>
Subject:   is this possible? (let user able to access two moint points, one beneath another)
Message-ID:  <>

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Dear all

I wish to export two directories for other people to mount, so I write
in my /etc/exports:

        /var/ftp/pub -ro
        /var/ftp/pub/music -ro

Start NFS server then I found only /var/ftp/music is successfully
exported, /var/log/message says:

        Jul 22 15:34:32 exupery mountd[404]: can't change attributes
        for /var/ftp/pub/music
        Jul 22 15:34:32 exupery mountd[404]: bad exports list
        line /var/ftp/pub/music -ro

I cannot understand what is "change attributes" and why it cannot be
done, so I go to read handbook. Here is the handbook section about this
        12.13. Why does mountd keep telling me it “can't change
        attributes” and that I have a “bad exports list” on my FreeBSD
        NFS server?
        The most frequent problem is not understanding the correct
        format of /etc/exports. Please review exports(5) and the NFS
        entry in the Handbook, especially the section on configuring
And yes, I reviewed both document, and I am sure the format is correct
because it's only two similar lines and the first line is accepted by
        /var/ftp/pub -ro
        /var/ftp/pub/music -ro
Give up on this, then I think probably I can use -alldirs. I write
my /etc/exports:
        /var/ftp/pub -alldirs -ro

Start NFS server, check /var/log/messages I found:

        Jul 22 15:30:37 exupery mountd[404]: -alldirs requested
        but /var/ftp/pub is not a filesystem mountpoint
        Jul 22 15:30:37 exupery mountd[404]: bad exports list
        line /var/ftp/pub -alldirs

This seems to suggest that I cannot use -alldirs because /var/ftp/pub is
a plain directory, only a mount point can use -alldirs (in my
case, /var).

So I am stuck here. Any suggestion getting me out? Is it possible at all
to export a directory and also it's sub-directory?

Best Regards
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