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Date:      Tue, 15 Jan 2008 10:49:56 -0800
From:      "Nerius Landys" <>
To:        "=?ISO-8859-2?Q?Nikola_Le=E8i=E6?=" <>
Subject:   Re: sysinstall and bsdlabel/boot
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> > Yes, I figured using  `bsdlabel' would install /boot/boot to the
> > beginning of the slice.  However, I cannot [easily] run `bsdlabel'
> > without being booted into the FreeBSD OS.  I can't run the OS
> > without /boot/boot being installed to the beginning of the FreeBSD
> > slice.  Chicken and egg problem. Actually, I could probably run
> > `bsdlabel' from the live disc, but a newbie [like myself] would
> > probably have a hard time figuring this out.
> Yes, you can run in from live CD...
Let's assume that my theory is correct (I could verify this by installing
again, but I don't want to clobber over again).

Theory: When I install 7.0 FreeBSD, and I choose to leave the MBR alone
(when I am presented with the three choices about what to do with the MBR).
then no boot code is installed to any FreeBSD slice (much of the time there
will be just one FreeBSD slice).

Now, imagine I'm a new user who doesn't have a clue.  If I choose not to
install MBR code, then there will be no obvious way to boot into FreeBSD.
The installation will be unusable to the inexperienced user.  I suggest
adding some menu option or something during install to allow a user
installing FreeBSD to write boot code to the beginning of the FreeBSD slice
that has the kernel.  Or maybe even do this automatically under certain

I would be able to verify my theory only after I get my test computer set
up, which won't be in a few days.

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