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Date:      Wed, 27 Nov 1996 14:33:29 -0500
From:      "Steve Sims" <SimsS@IBM.Net>
To:        <>
Subject:   Problem "switching to sd0"
Message-ID:  <>

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Since I didn't see this pop up on the list, and recognizing the problems that
IBM's been having vis-a-vis E-Mail transfer these last few days, I'll post it

======== Original message follows:
Uh oh....

Not being content to leave well enough alone, I decided to cvsup -STABLE onto
a 2.1.0-RELEASE box.  The system is, basically, a P5/120 with a PCI Adaptec
2940 driving a couple of Seagate 12550N's.  No IDE, but it dual-boots into
Win'95 or FreeBSD.

The system was performing flawlessly under 2.1.0-RELEASE, so I don't know
what I was thinking by trying to perform an upgrade %-)

Anyway, cvsup ran for a while and completed successfully.  A quick 'make
world' and I should have been "upgraded".  No dice.  'make world' barfed on
an error of some flavor or another and I decided I'd just come back to it
later; I rebooted the box into Win'95 for a quick game of "Monster Truck
Madness" (to which I confess an addiction).

After a while I was sufficiently rejuvenated to delve into the `make` failure
so I booted (or, rather, tried to boot) into FreeBSD.  The kernel spits out
its many probes and gets to "switching root device to sd0" (or some such) and
hangs.  Dead.  Frozen.  Sucking on the big banana.  

I tried booting with '-cv', checked the configuration.  It looks OK.  A lot
more probe messages, but everything *looks* OK.  Still hangs "switching to

Finally, I booted up with '-s' to go single user.  That works.  

Question is: Whazzup with that?  Once I've gone single user, I can mount the
/usr partition and I can un-read-only the root partition, but the box won't
come up cleanly in multi-user.  H E L P!  

Any ideas?


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