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Date:      Thu, 05 Jun 1997 09:28:56 +0900
From:      Kazutaka YOKOTA <>
To:        Keith Mitchell <>
Subject:   Re: PS/2 Mouse and Switch Box Problem 
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>I have a couple of computers hooked together through a Belkin OmniView
>switchbox so I only need one mouse/keyboard/monitor.  Right now, I have my
>PC and my thinkpad hooked up to it (although the thinkpad has its own mouse
>because of the way it handles the external mouse/keyboard).
>When the PC first boots (and is selected on the switch box) everything works
>fine.  After I switch to the thinkpad and back then the mouse slows down
>considerable (ithe point moves at about half speed).  NOTE: the only computer
>that is hooked to the mouse port on the switch box is the PC.

I don't know how keyboard/mouse/monitor lines are wired inside this
sort of switch box in general. But, I suspect the following sequence
of events.

When you switch away from the PC to ThinkPad, all the mouse lines are
switched to the port to which the cable from the mouse port of
ThinkPad is meant to be connected. But, because nothing is connected
to that port, the mouse looses power.

When you switch back to the PC, the power is supplied to the mouse
again as if the host computer is turned on. This means the mouse is in
the power-up state.

The PS/2 mouse driver sends some commands to the mouse when probing
the device during the boot process, including the RESET command.  The
speed of the mouse is supposed to be set to the default value
(typically 100 dpi) after the RESET command. This default value is
supposed to be the same as the settings after power-up. But, who
knows if they are the same or not...

If not, the mouse may be operating in a different settings than it was
initialized during boot.

If you switch away from and back to the PC for the second time, the
mouse speed should stay the same (slow), if this is the case, don't
you think?

>I am using -current from 6/1/97 although it also failed with a kernel from
>about two weeks ago.  I think it worked before then but I won't swear to it.

I don't think it did. The last change was made around the end of May. 
But it was a bug fix which is not related to the mouse itself. The
functionarily of the driver hasn't changed since January.


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