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Date:      Tue, 8 Dec 2015 22:32:48 -0700
From:      Sergey Manucharian <>
To:, David Mehler <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 10 and Bhyve with an intel CPU
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Excerpts from David Mehler's message from Wed 09-Dec-15 00:14:
> Yes, my FreeBSD system is on a vm, and I'm wanting it to host vms of it's own.
At [0]:

 Q: Can I run multiple bhyve hosts under VMware nested VT-x EPT?
 A: Yes, but you must enable [1] it: look for the GUI or vhv.allow or
    vhv.enable options

At [1]:

 Virtualized HV is available for virtual hardware version 8 VMs on hosts
 that support Intel VT-x and EPT or AMD-V and RVI, but it cannot be
 selected through the user interface. To enable virtualized HV, edit the
 outer guest's configuration file by hand and add the following line:

  vhv.enable = TRUE

If you read [0] further, there are answers about Linux KVM, VirtualBox
and Hyper-V. The latter two does not support VT-x EPT.

You may want to ask the VM hosting people about their implementation and



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